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We provide options for good and bad credit clients.

Both may apply. Applications are subject to our lending criteria, ensuring that any car payment is affordable for you and your family and that it will fit comfortably within your weekly budget. Applications may be declined


Effective from 1st July 2024 Vehicle Sales & Finance Ltd will be increasing some of its fees.
These fee increases will apply to all new and existing customers.
These amendments have been made in accordance and compliance with the
Credit Contracts & Consumer Finance Act 2003

For further details please download our new fee schedule here

Helping New Zealanders to get back in control of their finances.
Vehicle Sales & Finance Ltd – We provide the car and the finance!

Types of Vehicles

Suzuki Swift

*Cars may differ from those shown

Nissan Tiida

*Cars may differ from those shown

Suzuki Swift

*Cars may differ from those shown

Nissan Tiida

*Cars may differ from those shown

Online Applications open 7 Days – Cars Available

Vehicle Sales & Finance Ltd.

Looking to purchase a vehicle with a finance package that suits most budgets and families? Weekly payments are worked out to suit your budget.

We provide a wide range of vehicles to suit most budgets and family sizes. We operate in most regions – almost anywhere in the country.

There are two ways to apply:

1. Simply apply online by registering your details via our pre-sub application form and this will automatically send us your details. You will receive an email from us to request supporting information, which enables us to assess your initial application. You must then send us the requested documentation by email. If you have all your paperwork ready to go this will speed up the process for you. Click the Apply Now button below.


2. For those who have all of their paperwork ready to go now – you are able to click here to download the Full Application Form. Email a scanned copy of this completed application form together with all your supporting paperwork (see the complete list at the end of page 4) to admin@vehiclesalesfinance.co.nz and we will assess your suitability for finance.

**Lending conditions apply, some applications may be declined.

We care about helping you to improve your future situation.


The COVID-19 global pandemic has been hard on everyone and many have experienced permanent changes to their circumstances. If you are struggling financially and need assistance, we would encourage you to make contact with an independent financial mentor or budgeting advice service.

Confidential advice is offered free of charge by many organisations including:

If you are unable to meet 100% of your weekly car payment to Vehicle Sales & Finance Ltd, then please contact Sue at 027 442 6376 in the first instance, and then you will need to supply supporting documentation via email to sue@maxamise.co.nz.

Privacy Waiver

I/We apply for a loan and certify that the particulars above and overleaf are true and correct and that I am over the age of 18 years and am not an undischarged bankrupt. Pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 I/We authorize any finance company to contact any credit reporting agencies, credit providers, my/our employer/ s, accountant/s, or any other source, to obtain, check and exchange (both now and in the future) such personal, financial and commercial information and references about me/us as is necessary for the purpose of considering this application, the protection and administration of any loan arising out of this application, and to assist in the enforcement of any agreement between me/us and any finance company. I/We agree that you may produce this authority to such parties for the purposes of correcting such information. Under the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, you are entitled to have access and request correction to personal information held. Furthermore I / We specifically authorise the Finance Company to search by way of a credit check for any Ministry of Justice overdue fines that may be outstanding. Overdue fines are defined as fines or reparation overdue for payment to Ministry of Justice and not under a current payment arrangement.