We provide options for good and bad credit clients.

Both may apply. Applications are subject to our lending criteria, ensuring that any car payment is affordable for you and your family and that it will fit comfortably within your weekly budget. Applications may be declined

Good Choice. Better Rate. Great Service.

If you’ve got good credit, you may benefit from a lower interest rate and cheaper weekly payments.

car loans to finance a new / used car

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Honda CRV

*cars may differ from those shown

Toyota Estima

*cars may differ from those shown

Honda Stream

*cars may differ from those shown

Honda Presage

*cars may differ from those shown

Supporting documents:

Please remember to email admin@vsfltd.co.nz with your supporting documents. The supporting documents required are:

  1. Copy of full application (to be completed)
  2. Copy of your two latest payslips
  3. and/or copy of your FULL MSD WINZ breakdown
  4. Proof of address, i.e. your phone bill or your power bill – If you are in a Housing NZ Corp home we prefer the front page of your tenancy agreement as proof of address
  5. Latest 90 days statements on ALL of your bank accounts
  6. Copy of your driver’s license (front & back) and or your passport (we must have photo ID)
  7. Employment details

We try to make the process easy, but at the same time we are mindful that your budget has to allow for the costs of running and maintaining the vehicle that we supply, not just the weekly loan repayment. All vehicles must be insured, we are able to arrange cover in most instances.

car finance delivery service

Privacy Waiver

I/We apply for a loan and certify that the particulars above and overleaf are true and correct and that I am over the age of 18 years and am not an undischarged bankrupt. Pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 I/We authorize any finance company to contact any credit reporting agencies, credit providers, my/our employer/ s, accountant/s, or any other source, to obtain, check and exchange (both now and in the future) such personal, financial and commercial information and references about me/us as is necessary for the purpose of considering this application, the protection and administration of any loan arising out of this application, and to assist in the enforcement of any agreement between me/us and any finance company. I/We agree that you may produce this authority to such parties for the purposes of correcting such information. Under the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, you are entitled to have access and request correction to personal information held. Furthermore I / We specifically authorise the Finance Company to search by way of a credit check for any Ministry of Justice overdue fines that may be outstanding. Overdue fines are defined as fines or reparation overdue for payment to Ministry of Justice and not under a current payment arrangement.